Monday, June 24, 2013

Riverside is a Short Term Assignment

So, I don't really feel much need to talk more about what went on in the MTC, because it was pretty much the same as before, except for instead of being nervous about being there, I was nervous about leaving. So lets start there...

I have decided that I don't really like all. The thought of being trapped in a metal tube tens of thousands of feet above the ground really didn't sit too well in my lower stomach. On the bright side, my paranoia turned out to be falsely placed, as I made it to Riverside safe and sound. The people at the Mission Office were super nice, and very helpful as they talked to all of us greenies about some of the general guidelines and rules for the mission, as well as the hopes and goals. But sadly...then came the time that I had to say goodbye to my MTC District, and happily say hello to my new companion! Elder Davis is his name, and he is a very exciting guy to be around!

With that assignment of being Elder Davis's greenie, we also got put into the lovely city of Murrieta, which in fact is the only city (I believe) in the Riverside mission to be getting moved to the Carlsbad mission at the end of the month. So I got to the Mission Office that morning thinking I would be going to the Riverside mission, and that night realized I would only ever go back to that Mission Office once more, when we have the Riverside mission goodbye meeting before we split. Although, that means that I'll get to have the opportunity to know two awesome mission presidents! President Smart is a great guy, and he was sincerely happy to see each and every one of us new missionaries, but now I will be leaving him, and instead get the opportunity to meet the mission president of the Carlsbad mission (whose name I do not know yet, but I will make sure to talk about him more when I find out). Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about finding out that I'll be in the Carlsbad mission instead of Riverside. It makes me happy because I know that as long as I put my faith in the Lord I'll always be right where I need to be, but it makes me kind of sad, because it means that the only people from the MTC that I knew that will be in my mission are one Sister from my District, and an Elder that was part of our Zone...but, guess this means I'll be making some new friends!

And I have made new friends here, because besides Elder Davis the two missionaries I see fairly often are two of the Spanish Speaking Elders: Elder Villalobos and Elder Burbidge. And these two Elders are great! Such a blast to be around. Also, the ward that I'm serving in (the Los Alamos Ward) is wonderful! The people here are so fantastic! Even though I'm the new guy they opened up to me like I have always been there, which has been such a blessing and a joy for me!

I was really excited with the announcements from the Leadership broadcast last Sunday! Not just the announcements about tours of the church buildings and the upcoming surge of techno-missionaries (though that one does really excite me), but mostly about all the focus that was placed missionaries working with the members, not the members doing their own thing while leaving the missionaries to tract constantly (cause it doesn't work very well). I'm really hoping that members and missionaries work more unified together in the future, because even though it is good now, it can be much better. And that aspect being much better would in turn make missionary work in general much better, and make it easier to bring others unto Christ! I can really see that "the field is white" and it is harvest time, and if you have the right attitude you will be able to "layeth up in store that [you] perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to [your] soul" (D&C 4) and help others feel of the blessings of the Gospel of Christ.

Well, that's all for this week, until next time. The Church is true!


-Elder Wixom

The pic of the orange and blue tie I borrowed on the 15th to support the girls is attached.

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