Monday, August 25, 2014

The End Of An Era

Well, it is official. Last Saturday we found out that Elder Solomon is getting transferred. So tomorrow I get to find out who my new companion will be! I'm sad to see Elder Solomon go as he is a really awesome guy, and a great missionary, but that's the way that missionary life goes, one new adventure after another.

District in San Marcos
So this last week was really good. Though honestly, not much as far as lessons happened. But that's ok! It was still a really good week!

Oh, by the way, I officially hit my 10 month mark this last week, and have now been out back in the field for 6 whole months! Just thought I should let you know!

I am really looking forward to the first part of September, because this last week one of our investigators left for the Phillipines to pick up her son who is finishing his mission there! So they get back the first part of September, and I know that his spirit will be a big help in getting his parents to feel of the truthfulness of the Gospel. So again, I'm looking forward to it!

We have spent a lot of time this week trying to stop by some of the less active members of the ward, and it has been really good! We were able to come into contact with a lot of really cool people, and see if they are interested in coming back to Church at all. One lady we went by was really nice, but we didn't stay long as she had one of her friend's over with her friend's kids. But she was really nice, and is actually going to be moving to take care of her parent's house while they go serve a mission! We also got to meet her neighbor, who was a really nice old man, that according to the member that we had with us was interested when he found out what we (the missionaries) were doing.

Another cool experience this week! We met with a couple that recently moved into the ward that has been having a bit of a struggle transitioning to this new ward, and it was good. And then a few days later we were out talking to people on the sidewalk, when from across the street we hear someone say, "Elders! Come over here when you are done!" and it's the wife of this couple with her daughter at a little mexican restaurant. When we got there, we talked for a while and she opened up to us quite a bit about why they have been struggling. It was really cool to see how Heavenly Father places us in the right place at the right time to help someone out!

Spiritual thought! From Hymn 270, I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go. I really love the chorus, because it really describes, not only what the "ideal" missionary should be like, but what we all should strive to be like! "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord, Over mountain or plain or sea; I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord; I'll be what you want me to be." We should all try to live in a way that we strive to do whatever the Lord asks of us on a daily basis. I know that even though Elder Solomon and I have worked really well together, it is now time for me to work with someone else to benefit others of our Heavenly Father's children.

Thank you for all of you support and love! I appreciate it so much!


Elder Wixom

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fun In The Sun!

Hello everyone!

This week has been very tiring! And really hot! (Don't worry, I am drinking plenty of water) Elder Solomon and I have spent a lot of time walking around this week trying to talk to people. It has been really good! But we have been walking a lot, so at the end of every day I was very very tired!

Well, you know how last week I said we had some investigators that were moving. They are officially gone. We had thought that they were going to be moving Tuesday night, so we had gone over and said goodbye to them. Then on Wednesday we were stopping by some potential investigators in their complex, and we walked by their apartment all sad-like...when we noticed there was still stuff inside! We were confused about this, but continued on our way, and then as we were walking to the car we hear someone say "Hey!", turn around, and there is one of the granddaughters! Turns out, they hadn't left yet! So we stopped and talked to them for a little bit, and helped them load up some of their stuff in their cars. But now, they are officially moved (we ended up in their complex again later in the week and everything was gone). It was good though to see them one more time!

Other than that we had a really good lesson with another investigator couple. They are the ones that I have talked about that have a son on a mission, but neither of them are members (at least I hope I've talked about this, if I haven't, then shame on me!). We first ate dinner with them, which was extremely tasty, and I got to try pickled hard-boiled egg...which wasn't half bad actually. And then we had a really good lesson with them and one of their son's LDS friends! It went really well, and they are very excited to have their son come home in the next few weeks so that they can talk to him about the Church!

So, for my spiritual thought, I was reading in Alma 7 earlier this week, and there is one of my favorite set of verses about the Atonement in it, so I want to share those, "And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions‍ and temptations‍ of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon‍ him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose‍ the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor‍ his people according to their infirmities. Now the Spirit knoweth‍ all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh‍ that he might take upon‍ him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me." I love the Atonement, and I feel so blessed to know that Jesus Christ paid for all of my sins and heartaches so that He can help me through all my trials. It helps me to face the world with more confidence because of my knowledge of His divine help!

Thank you all for your support!


Elder Wixom

Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving Week...

Another week has come and gone in the blink of an eye. And here is what happened!

Spent a lot of time this week with our investigators that are moving. And it is really sad that they are leaving! But that's the way life goes sometimes. Anyways, we have been trying to help them out a lot this week with finishing packing and cleaning stuff up. It has been really good, they have expressed multiple times how grateful they are that we have been there to help, and those are the moments that really make being a missionary worth it in my opinion, knowing that you have been able to help someone out and make their life a little bit better.

I'm going to be sad when they move, but we have already talked to them about having the missionaries come to their new place, and they fully want to continue meeting with the missionaries, so I think that everything will end up for the best.

One fun thing that happened this week was that we had zone conference! Which was really good! I always love the chance to hear from President and Sister Kendrick! A lot of really awesome stuff was shared at this conference, with a lot of emphasis on working with members and staying accountable for our work.

And then something else really awesome. One of our investigators came to church! He is a 9-year old boy that we have been teaching, along with his mother who is a less-active member, and we went by this week and taught the Plan of Salvation (which he said he already knows it is true, which is awesome!). And then yesterday, we weren't really expecting them to be there, but a few minutes before Sacrament meeting they came in and sat down on the row of chairs in front of us! It was awesome!

On that note...Sacrament meeting itself was really cool. Remember how last week I said that a lot of missionaries have been coming home here recently. Well, yesterday two of them gave their homecoming addresses! It was so full! And they both gave really good talks!

Spiritual thought...I have been reading in the early chapters of the Book of Alma this week, and in the 1st chapter there is the story of Nehor. And in the story, Nehor starts to teach false doctrines, and leads many people away from the Church. Over the course of events, he encounters Gideon, a faithful member, and eventually Nehor kills him. Nehor is punished for his crimes, but the point I want to make is in the next few chapters, and really throughout the rest of the Book of Mormon, there are many references of dissenters and Anti-Christs being followers of the teachings of Nehor. And so we can really see the negative effects that one man can have on a civilzation. On the flip side, Abinidi has a major positive effect on the people of the Book of Mormon, specifically in this part through Alma, the son of Alma, Abinidi's only convert. Alma gives up the judgement seat to go and preach the gospel, and many are converted and are blessed. So what I am really trying to say, but probably not very well, is that we never know the impact that we will have on people, so let's let our lights shine forth and have a good impact on others.

Thank you for all of your support!


Elder Wixom

Monday, August 4, 2014

I Can't Believe It's August!

Where did July go!? It seems like yesterday I was writing about June being gone! Why does time go by so fast?

Well, on to this week:

So, this week was actually kind of a "meh" week. Many of our appointments had to cancel on us for various reasons, so that was disappointing. And then one of our investigators who has been showing real potential to progress is moving! So that is really sad!

But there were still some cool things from this last week. Last Monday the zone played softball together for Preperation Day. And that was a lot of fun! I was actually able to get around the bases a couple times, so go me! (Yes, I was actually able to hit the only took a few tries...) But that was really fun to relax and play a fun game with the other missionaries.

Got to go on exchanges this week. And that is always fun to go to a different area and see how a different missionary teaches and works. I had a good time while with Elder Durrant (my current District Leader) and met some really cool members who are trying really hard to do member missionary work! So that was awesome!

Something else that is cool that is happening right now...lots of missionary homecomings in the ward! Last week I said that a recently returned Sister gave her homecoming address, and then last Friday Elder Solomon and I met another Elder who had gotten back that day, and this next week another Sister is coming home! Unfortunately college is pulling some of them away before we can get their help.

And lastly, we had a really cool lesson this last Sunday, and I want to use a bit of it for my spiritual thought. So, the last word in the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon is "adieu" which is French. One thing that I had wondered about for a while is, "why is there a French word in the English Book of Mormon?" But that is partly what the lesson was about! Adieu, in literal translation, means "to God" and is actually a contraction for the French phrase, "a dieu (vou) commant" which means, "I commend you to God." So it is not just a farewell, but is also hinting at a blessing from God being given. But it gets better! The Spanish equivalent of adieu is adios. Which literally means, "to God" (A Dios), and is also a contraction for the Spanish phrase, "via con Dios" or "Go with God." But it gets even better! In English, the word "goodbye" is actually a contraction as well! It is the shortened version of the old English saying, "God be with ye." So in multiple languages you depart from someone with a line similar to one of my personal favorite Hymns, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."

So, on that note. Until next time. Adieu. Adios. And goodbye!


Elder Wixom