Monday, August 4, 2014

I Can't Believe It's August!

Where did July go!? It seems like yesterday I was writing about June being gone! Why does time go by so fast?

Well, on to this week:

So, this week was actually kind of a "meh" week. Many of our appointments had to cancel on us for various reasons, so that was disappointing. And then one of our investigators who has been showing real potential to progress is moving! So that is really sad!

But there were still some cool things from this last week. Last Monday the zone played softball together for Preperation Day. And that was a lot of fun! I was actually able to get around the bases a couple times, so go me! (Yes, I was actually able to hit the only took a few tries...) But that was really fun to relax and play a fun game with the other missionaries.

Got to go on exchanges this week. And that is always fun to go to a different area and see how a different missionary teaches and works. I had a good time while with Elder Durrant (my current District Leader) and met some really cool members who are trying really hard to do member missionary work! So that was awesome!

Something else that is cool that is happening right now...lots of missionary homecomings in the ward! Last week I said that a recently returned Sister gave her homecoming address, and then last Friday Elder Solomon and I met another Elder who had gotten back that day, and this next week another Sister is coming home! Unfortunately college is pulling some of them away before we can get their help.

And lastly, we had a really cool lesson this last Sunday, and I want to use a bit of it for my spiritual thought. So, the last word in the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon is "adieu" which is French. One thing that I had wondered about for a while is, "why is there a French word in the English Book of Mormon?" But that is partly what the lesson was about! Adieu, in literal translation, means "to God" and is actually a contraction for the French phrase, "a dieu (vou) commant" which means, "I commend you to God." So it is not just a farewell, but is also hinting at a blessing from God being given. But it gets better! The Spanish equivalent of adieu is adios. Which literally means, "to God" (A Dios), and is also a contraction for the Spanish phrase, "via con Dios" or "Go with God." But it gets even better! In English, the word "goodbye" is actually a contraction as well! It is the shortened version of the old English saying, "God be with ye." So in multiple languages you depart from someone with a line similar to one of my personal favorite Hymns, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."

So, on that note. Until next time. Adieu. Adios. And goodbye!


Elder Wixom

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