Tuesday, July 23, 2013

19 Years and Counting!

Wow! It's crazy to think that I am 19 years old! But honestly, it doesn't feel much different than being 18. But it is pretty cool to think that at this time last year we thought I would barely be leaving on my mission at this point. And yet...here I am! Already almost 2 months done! My word time has flown by! Before I know it I'll be back home, but for right now I am trying to appreciate the short time that I have to serve the Lord.

Anyways, thanks for all the presents! The music and treats will be very much appreciated! And I really like the tie!

This last week has been farely exciting though. Due to some idea of who-knows-who, some unexpected changes were made and Elder Davis has gotten transferred out of Murrieta and I have gotten a new companion. His name is Elder Bird (yes, like the species of airbourne animal) and he is a really awesome person! He has a personality a lot like mine, which makes me very happy! He is from Utah (go figure), and has been out for about 9 months. I'm really grateful for this chance I have to work with him, and I know that even though I didn't expect it, God has something that he wants me to learn from this unexpected change in companions.

Other than that plot-twist, most of this week has been spent trying to re-grow our teaching pool of investigators (since all of our old ones are now baptized). So Elder Bird and I have been really trying to urge the members to think of who they can invite to be taught the Gospel. And we have been trying to track down some of the former investigators of the area, especially the ones that seemed really interested in the Gospel before. So I'll keep you posted on how that endeavor is going.

One thing that was sad was that we were supposed to have a baptism this last week, but a couple weeks ago our investigator dropped off the map, and we could not regain contact with them (not for lack of trying on both ours and the wards part). But, I still have faith that one day that investigator will come back and come into the fold of God. So I am not too distraught over this incident, because I know that the Lord will provide a way for all of His children to have the chance to accept the Gospel.

So, I have decided to re-read the Doctrine & Covenants, and a line that really sticks out to me from both Section 4 and 6 is "...the field is white already to harvest." Not, "the field is brown already to plant seeds in" or "the field is rough already to plow." No, the field truely is white, and I know of the blessings that I have felt in my life as I have tried to harvest it, or rather, bring my spiritual brothers and sisters to a better knowledge of their Savior.

I really am so very grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord. And I am so grateful for all the support I have gotten.


-Elder Wixom

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