Monday, May 5, 2014

What. A. Week!

This week has can I put this...awesome!!! So many cool things have happened this week! But first, something from last week:

Last Saturday (April 26th), we as missionaries got to go and help out with the "Temecula Helping Hands" group and do a service project. We were working in a Temecula community garden, doing a lot of fun landscaping things. Quite a bit of which involved carrying and pushing wheelbarrows full of mulch. The way they filled these up was really fun (in the picture from last week you can see a visual). They lined up some wheelbarrows and then had a small tractor/scoop truck thing pick up a bunch of mulch from the pile, and then pour it into the wheelbarrows. The service project was a lot of fun and the garden was very pretty.

Now, for this week:

First, last Monday we decided to contact a referral we had received from the Spanish Sister Missionaries that work in our same area. So we go to this apartment, looking for the lady they had told us about, and there are a ton of people around! A lot of kids and their parents all in this little area playing around! We aren't sure what to do at this point, until a lady walks up to us and asks if it is her we are looking for, after getting her name we tell her yes, we were looking for her, and so we started to talk to her. Turns out she had been investigating the church when she had lived in Texas, and her and her two kids that live with her absolutely love the LDS church! So we had a good lesson with her and then left really excited about this.

Then, the next day we have a lesson with someone another pair of Elders had been teaching, and were going to pass along to us, as this person lived in our ward. So we met her (this time a teenage girl), and that went really well also! Sadly we will not be teaching her anymore, as she had some difficulties with her family (some of whom are not supportive of her decision to investigate and join the LDS church), and so now she is moving in with a friend outside of our ward, but ironically she will be back in the ward that is covered by the Elders who passed her off to us. But I personally don't care which ward she is baptized in, as long as she makes the decision to be baptized.

Then at the end of this week, another of our investigators, who has been having difficulties with coffee, told us how she is ready to give up coffee, and wants to be baptized! So even though she is not, by her own decision, ready to pick a baptismal date, it was awesome to really hear her decide she is ready for baptism!

So, in summary, this week has been really awesome for me! And it makes me think about a scripture that President Kendrick likes to share, D&C 103:36, "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." This week has been really great, and I have seem multiple, albeit not stupendous, but multiple miracles in the lives of those I have the opportunity to teach. But I know that it is only because I am being blessed for striving to work hard. And this applies to everyone, the only way you will gain everything, or anything, is by working hard and trusting in God.

I am so grateful for the chance I have to share what I know to be true!


Elder Wixom

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