Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Quiet Week

Not too much actually happened this last week. But on the bright side! The week really seemed to fly by so now we are passed it! And hopefully on to some more exciting stuff! But I'll try to think of some fun stuff to tell you about!

Last week after emailing we had a really fun District Activity. We played a game called "Assassin" where we had two missionaries with Nerf swords, and the rest of us with Nerf guns. The ones with the swords went and hid in the church building, and the rest of us waited outside...until we realized it was way to hot to wait outside and so started waiting in one of the rooms. Then after a little bit so the assassins could hide, a few people went out as the first group and a few minutes later the second group went out. And then the goal of the assassins was to poke and "kill" everyone with their swords, hiding around while they did, while the rest of us tried to shoot them with our Nerf guns before getting stabbed. It was a lot of fun and a really intense game! Oh, and I forgot to mention, all the lights are off when you play. It was a blast!

On Wednesday we were out with one of our members going and knocking on the door of a referral and when she answered she said she didn't have time to talk because she was just leaving. We go back to the car, wondering if "I'm just leaving" really meant "I'm not interested but too nice to tell you" (which is actually an excuse some people use, believe it or not), but sure enough! A couple moments later she pulls our and leaves! So I guess we'll go by later and try to catch her when she isn't busy.

Had dinner with our investigator couple and their RM son this week, and while there talked about his mission. It was really good, and his mom actually said at one point that she knew what his favorite part of the mission was. Namely...baptizing people. So in my head I was thinking, "Yes, that is his favorite part, and most missionaries favorite part. Want to help out Elder Ball and I with that!" But it was really good, and this next week we have a lesson planned with them, where hopefully we'll be able to talk to them along with the help of their son.

On the note of not much happening this week, there is a Mormon Message that I really like about patience. It is called "Continue in Patience" and is from a talk that President Uchtdorf gave a few years ago. And the message is so true. Sometimes we need to be patient in our circumstances, trusting that things will happen in God's time and in God's way.

Thank you for all of your support!


Elder Wixom

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