Monday, October 27, 2014

I Love To See The Temple

Well this last week was kind of slow as well. I wonder if that is because of the holiday season, or the fact that it is almost pitch black outside by 6:30....but either way, not too much happened. But we did have a couple cool things happen!

One of the cool things is that we got to go to the temple this week! So that was as wonderful as ever! There is something about the temples that as soon as you walk inside you just feel, well, wonderful! I really do love going to the temple though. I feel so much better, and I know that that is because of the Spirit that is there, and the lack of distractions from the world is very refreshing! I would suggest that we all take every opportunity we can to go and serve in the house of God!

Another fun thing from this last week is we had a zone activity where we got to play some sports and decorate some little pumpkins, which then got critiqued and the winners got candy. Some people got very very creative with theirs. One Elder made his pumpkin into a Liahona (his won first place) another made his into a turkey by putting some leaves on it with a push-pin, and a Sister made hers into a tomato (she colored it red and put green glitter glue at the top for leaves). It was a very fun activity, and I made my pumpkin into a very confident pumpkin on one side, and a holiday greeting on the other (pictures are included). But other than the pumpkins we played some basketball and football which was really fun, even if I am not very good at either!

And one other fun thing that happened this week...that I wasn't a part of! Well, sort of. Remember how a couple weeks ago I talked about that really cool experience where we met the guy that invited us over for bread and milk and we taught his two sons, and then we had to pass them off to the other Elders? Well, this last Tuesday we went on exchanges to officially do that pass off lesson, and Elder Ball and the other missionary Elder Paget, had a really good lesson with the older son. Apparently his dad didn't really want to hear the lessons, as he had taken them as a kid, but he knew that his sons would benefit from them, and that is why he invited us over originally. So on Tuesday Elder Ball and Elder Paget taught the older son, and were able to commit him to a baptismal date! And when they talked a bit about church on Sundays, the son said that he would try to get every Sunday off! It was awesome!

This last Sunday was the primary program here, and it was really good. I really love hearing little kids bear their testimonies, because they are always so simple and true. They don't have all the stories and distractions that can sometimes distract from the testimony being born, but what they do have they share, which is a knowledge of the truthfulness of the Gospel! Which is why I think that Christ has commanded us multiple times to become as a little child, because that is who is most willing to listen to Heavenly Father, and not be distracted by all the things of the world, and it is children whose testimonies are, in my opinion, the most pure in heart.

Thank you for all you do! Your prayers really give me strength and motivation to keep on doing this work!


Elder Wixom

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