Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Knock Knock!

"Who's there? Missionaries? Oh, I'm not really interested but I really respect what you do!"

We heard this (or at least some variation of it) quite a lot this week. The reason why is Elder Ball and I are in major finding mode right now, and we did a lot of tracting this week. Probably more than I have ever done on my mission before! We had a few people that showed some potential and told us that we would be able to come back, but didn't really give us a specific date, just a general response. I can tell you that daylight savings ending is going to make missionary work very fun though, because quite a few times we would knock on doors, and even if it wasn't even 7 yet people would ask us if we knew what time it was because of it being pitch black outside. But nighttime isn't going to stop the work of the Lord, and Elder Ball and I know that we will be able to find someone to teach that really wants to hear about the Restoration of the Gospel.

Other than tracting we had a few fun things that we did. Last Monday we had a combined District Activity with another district and we had a major Nerf gun war, and played a few games with our arsenal of Nerf guns and bullets. It was a lot of fun!

This week we also started teaching an active family the missionary lessons. This was something that was an idea from another missionary to try to help missionary work, by bringing the Spirit that comes from the message of the Restoration into members homes so they will have a greater desire to do missionary work. We have been starting to try to do this, and as an added bonus it gives Elder Ball and I more practice teaching! Which is always something that we need as missionaries! And with the members that we started teaching this last week it has another bonus as well because they have a son who is working to prepare to go on a mission, so we may start having him teach a bit as some missionary preparation.

We had the chance to meet some really awesome members of our ward this week. They were in our records as being less active, so we went by where they lived, and it turned out to be a 96 year old man and a 90 year old woman! And the only reason they are "less active" is because the husband can't physically get to church right now due to some walking problems. But they are hoping to be back before too long. We had a really awesome conversation with them, and the wife, who was a convert that was originally Jewish, gave us some good advice about teaching, specifically Jews, but really anyone that has a strong belief in the book of Isaiah.

That's about all for this week. My spiritual thought for this week is to invite you to read or watch President Uchtdorf's talk from this last conference, "Lord, is it I?" This talk was the focus of Sacrament meeting this week, and it is a really good talk. One of the quotes from this talk is, "My beloved friends, a first step on this wondrous and fulfilling path of true discipleship starts with our asking the simple question: 'Lord, is it I?'” And the focus of the talk is how we need to, when presented with correction, not say that the correction is for someone else, but to be humble ask ourselves if the correction is meant for us. And as we do that, we will start "on [the] wondrous and fulfilling path of true discipleship..."

Thank you for all you do!


Elder Wixom

To read President Uchtdorf's talk referenced above, click here.

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