Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Finally Arrived!

So, the cold finally hit Southern California. During this last week it actually snowed in Murrieta and Temecula! Which made our mini-missionary sad because he was with us at the time. But the rest of the week was pretty good.

Got to go to transfer meeting this last week. Not because Elder English and I were getting transferred, but because we had to get our new Sister missionaries! So that was really good, and it is really exciting having the chance to split the ward again!

With the "Mini Missionary"
New Years Eve (or at least the afternoon of it) we lost our mini missionary. So that was sad. It was really awesome having the chance to serve with this very excited and energetic priest! The rest of New Years Eve was spent going by people, and then with the members that fed us that night, we had gotten permission to stay past the normal N.Y.E. curfew of 6 o'clock because they had their daughter and non-member husband there. So we got to play a couple games with them before heading home! It was really fun. Didn't stay up till midnight though because I still had to wake up the next day.

One really cool thing that happened this week though! So when Elder English was companions with Elder Wilkinson before me, they saw someone that lives diagonally from our apartment complex moving a couch into his house, and so they offered to help and he accepted. They helped him out, and after he asked if they wanted to get paid, and so they said no but they were ok with food. This guy then told them to come by sometime and he would make them lunch. This last week we cashed that in (even though I wasn't there originally) and got some really good lunch and got to know him and his girlfriend. Their names are Mark and Julie, and they are a really awesome couple! During the conversation they were actually talking about how they want to start looking for a church to go to, because they want to get back into church. So we are planning on inviting them to church when Julie has time off, and they are more than willing to go! It was really exciting to meet with them!

Other than that, not much exciting happened this week. So for my spiritual thought this week I want to share a cool New Years video from the church. It's called "New Year's: Look Not Behind Thee" and it takes the story of Lot's wife, and how we need to not dwell on what we have done in the past, but instead look ahead to what we can do in the future!

Well, I'll talk to you again next week!


Elder Wixom

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