Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Week Of The Transfer

Well, I can't believe another six weeks has come and gone already! Elder Stevens and I were talking and both of us feel like we have only been together maybe three or four weeks, but nope! It's been six weeks! And the results of transfer calls are.....we get another six weeks together! We are both staying here in the Pauba ward! And it is Elder Stevens last six weeks so that is pretty crazy in it of itself.

Anyways, as for how the rest of our week went.

This week was actually a pretty quiet week. Though not by choice on our part. We weren't able to meet with many of our investigators this week because both M and S had to cancel for different reasons. S had to go and take care of her mom who has been pretty ill the last week, and M had a soccer tournament in Las Vegas all weekend. But even though we weren't able to meet with S, she kept in touch with quite a few of the members of the ward through the week, and on Sunday ended up going to a baptism in Lake Elsinore with some members, and had a meeting with our Bishop to talk about how soon she can get baptized. Because she is still very much wanting to get baptized, and tells pretty much every member she talks to. Which I think is pretty cool.

We did a lot of service this week! Not all of it planned. One night we went over with one of our members to the house of a single sister because she needed help moving some furniture around. We did that, and then after her home teacher, the member we were with, took us back to his house we left expecting to walk around and try talk to people on the streets the rest of the night. Then a bit later we see some people with a couple really big dressers on a trailer and ask if they need help....and turns out they were members also that we just didn't recognize at night while they were in normal clothes! So we helped them out, which they were very thankful for because the dressers were very big and very heavy, so the extra two people was helpful. Then another day of the week we got to go out to a tree plantation that a member owns and help with with a bit of the stuff around his tree farm. Which that was a lot of fun!  And then another day that member that took us to that sisters asked us to come help him out for a bit! We helped him for a couple minutes with a wood storage thing he was building.

Other than that really the only thing that happened was that we were able to meet with C and J again this week. And found out the reason that J didn't come to church last week was that he was sleeping. So we recommitted him to come to church so that he can get baptized like he wants, and he said he would be there this last Sunday. Sadly he didn't end up showing up, and neither did C, which we were sad about. But I guess something must have come up! And hopefully they will be there next week!

That pretty much sums up the week! My spiritual thought comes from Elder Christensen's talk, "I Know These Things of Myself" from last conference. A quote that I really liked from reading it this last week was, "...how a testimony begins: with sacred, enlightening, assuring feelings that demonstrate to us that the word of God is true. However, as wonderful as these feelings are, they are only the beginning. Your work to grow your testimony is not done—any more than the work of growing a redwood tree is done when the first tiny sprout pokes out of the ground...In most cases, our testimonies will grow the same way a tree grows: gradually, almost imperceptibly, as a result of our constant care and diligent efforts." I really like that because a lot of times, especially in the scriptures, it seems like a testimony comes in a moment, when usually it just comes over time and through effort like Elder Christensen said. So yeah, that was one conference quote I liked from this last week.

Have a great week!


Elder Wixom

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