Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Really Good Things Are Hopefully Coming Soon!

This week was really good. Though, as far as actually meeting with people, this week was actually pretty quiet. It was really good because we had a lot of really cool things happen that will hopefully turn into cooler stuff in the future!

Monday night we had a meeting with our Bishop to correlate things that are happening right now, and that was a really good meeting. In talking to him he gave us a lot of people that he's had on his mind for us to go by, and he also was able to tell us more about some of the other people that we were wondering about. So that was where I think the ball really started rolling this week.

Though this isn't someone for us to teach, we had a member of our ward pull up to us and tell us about a friend of hers who lives in the Riverside mission that she wanted missionaries to go over too. So we got the information we needed and sent that off. On Sunday, she came up to us, and told us that the missionaries had gotten in contact with her friend, and had set up a time to go over and teach her. So that was really exciting to see success from a member's hard work and friendship!

We had another fun thing that should be really good. A few weeks ago a lady named C came to church with her 6 or 7 year old son. Turns out she has two older kids. One on a mission (or at least in the MTC learning Spanish I think) and another at college that is working on his papers. And she said that she wants to learn more and (possibly [and hopefully]) get baptized by the end of the year. Well, a sister in the ward was the one who talked to her and found all this out, and so we went by this last week and talked to this sister, and asked her to call her and see if there was a time we could teach C at this sister's house (thinking that she would call her a bit later). She pulled out her phone and called her right there! She wasn't able to set up a time, but she did set the expectation that we would contact her, and gave us a few other people in the ward that she felt would be good fellowshippers. It was cool!

This week we had exchanges, and that was really good as far as meeting potential investigators as well! In Pauba where I was, we set up an appointment with a man who had talked to missionaries in the past for this morning actually! But that has moved to next Monday morning instead. More on that in a bit. But in Temecula Creek ward! Elder Whipple had a cool experience. Him and the other Elder were out contacting, when a car pulls up with three teenagers (2 girls 1 guy) with a question: were they Jehovah Witness or Mormon? Well, this turned into an hour and a half lesson, a return appointment with one named G in our ward and her friend C, a referral for the Morgan Hill ward for I (the third friend in the car), copies of the Book of Mormon given to G and I (they ran out so couldn't give one to C), and overall just a really good experience. We met with G the next day, and though it didn't turn into a lesson she seemed genuinely interested and said she would study more.

For the guy I talked to, named J, turns out he is good friends with a member family in our ward, and in the Temecula Creek ward, and with an investigator family from that ward as well. And he went to church in Temecula Creek once when that family was speaking! It was really cool!

On Memorial Day we spent the day going by a lot of people we didn't know, either less active members, potential investigators, part member families, and some active families! And we were able to meet with or set up times to meet with a couple of them! It was really amazing!

So as far as a scripture, the one that comes to my mind is short and simple, D&C 101:16, "Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God." This week, looking back on it, I've had multiple chances to simply "be still" and know that God is in charge of this work. That He is working to help His children to know the truth and to find where it is.

Talk to you next week!


Elder Wixom

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