Monday, August 19, 2013

Elder Influx

So, today's P-day has been a bit crazy, so I don't have much time to write. There is one thing I am going to write about that will probably explain the hectic-ness of my E-mail today though.

As I said last week, the next day was transfer day, and with transfer day came new Elders and one new Sister, but it also meant the loss of some Elders and a Sister. It was a bittersweet occasion, because I grew close to some of the missionaries that left, but now I'm excited to get to work with new ones!

Not only did we get an equal amount of Elders coming in as going out, but we actually got quite a few more! Including another pair in the Los Alamos ward. So my area got split in half, and Elder Bird and I are in one, and Elder Wongsuwan (or Elder W) and Elder Daley (a brand new greenie!) are in the other. They are really cool Elders, and I am stoked about the opportunity I have to work with them!

But the "Elder Influx" as I'm calling it had some unforseen side-effects. One of those being that there are now more missionaries than our cars can carry. So that is why this E-mail is going to be really short.

Again, I am really excited to be here in Murrieta at this momentous time in the Church's history here! The stone cut without hands really is rolling forth to fill the Earth!

I'll write more next week hopefully!


Elder Wixom

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