Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Really Hate Allergies

Another week has come and gone by before I realized it. The time has just been flying past me! It's crazy to think that in a week and a half I'll have already been out for 3 months! That's and 8th of my mission!

This last week has been a tough week for me. I had a bit of an allergy attack, so I felt a little...bleh...for a few days. But, I still went out to work because I figured I could either mope around inside all day and not feel any better because of it, or I could go out and work and possibly bless someone elses life. It was hard, but I feel like it was worth it, and while I was out working, I never really felt that terrible, it was only once I got home or woke up the next morning that I felt miserable. So...blessings from above!

One thing that was exciting! We finally finished the first project from the Community Service Project. For the past while we have been scraping, sanding, prepping, and painting a long rod iron fence, and's finished!!! So that means we got to start working on the next things that need to be repainted in the park! Which right now is a short rod iron fence surrounding one of the play-set things, and one of the pavillion canopies. But I'm just glad to be done with that long fence.

The missionary work here is still a bit slow, but it is really starting to pick up. Which is really exciting, especially since we have two companionships in the ward. It is still such an opportunity to be able to work with the other companionship to try to further the work in the ward even more than Elder Bird and I could do ourselves. But soon my ward won't be the only ward with that opportunity, because pretty soon there are going to be multiple companionships in lots of wards, and hopefully every ward in the mission!

One of my favorite talks by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is his talk, "Safety for the Soul." In this talk, Elder Holland bears a powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon, and every time I hear or read it it boosts my own testimony of the divinity of that book. I encourage you all to read this powerful talk from an Apostle of God about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, of Joseph Smith, and of the Restored Church.

That's all I have for this week. I'll write again next week.


Elder Wixom

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