Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Excitement!

This last week has been really exciting! Not because of anything special that really happened in the week, but because of what was coming up at the end of the week!

In fact, most of the actual week was pretty standard. Right now Elder Rupper and I are in finding mode, so owe spend a lot of time walking around trying to talk to people, and knocking on the doors of our potential investigators, former investigators, and less-active members. Elder Rupper actually has done the calculations (he is really good at math), and he has figured that since him and me walk about 3 miles per hour, and walk for a few hours a day at least, since we have become companions we have walked over 500 miles! And to think that I used to think walking 50 miles in a week sounded like a lot of walking! But all the walking is worth it to find those people who are ready and waiting to hear the Gospel.

Anyways, like I said, this weekend was the thing that every missionary in the Carlsbad mission, and probably most of the world, was looking forward to. General Conference!!!

It was so awesome to hear from the General Authorities and General Officers of the Church as they gave us counsel to become better. I really noticed that many of the talks were directed towards the youth of the Church (so I hope Lela was paying attention), and that many of the talks were about defending our faith in this ever downhill spiraling world, and about defending the organization of the family in this world where the traditional family is a thing that is looked over. But even though many talks were directed towards the youth of the Church, there is something we can all learn from all the talks that were delivered.

I noticed that watching Conference as a missionary felt different than watching it at home. At home, I was "pretty good" about focusing, or even staying awake, during Conference. But watching it this weekend, I couldn't get enough of it. I was really shocked when during the first session I looked down at my watch after what seemed like only half an hour, and found that triple that time had passed! It was crazy! I feel so uplifted after hearing the talks given, and I cannot wait till next Conference!

So, for my scripture thought today, I would like to share one of my favorite scriptures that I read recently. It is found in the book of Jacob, "O be wise; what can I say more?" (6:12). And with it I just want to say that we should be wise, and revisit those talks from conference. And really, "what can I say more?" I'm so thankful for the Gospel, and for living prophets and apostles that lead and guide the Church today.

That's really all I have for this week!


Elder Wixom

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