Monday, April 14, 2014


I'll get to the reason for the unusual title a little bit later. First, some of the highlights from this last week:

Last Monday the zone had another zone activity at the same home as last time. The members who owned the house were extremely awesome. They fed us ribs, potatoes, cinnamon rolls, and some other great stuff. And then we all played volleyball, Frisbee, a little bit of baseball, and some people played catch with a football. It was a lot of fun! I'll make sure to include some of the pictures that I had another Elder take with my camera (as I was a bit busy playing Frisbee and volleyball).

It has been really awesome to start to read a lot from my new set of scriptures, and I'm not sure what it is, but something about having a new set of scriptures makes me really excited about reading scriptures. I think it might be me getting excited about all the new things that I hope to discover from reading from the new, clean pages. For instance, with one of the recent converts of the ward here, he has asked that for our lessons we start reading from Doctrine and Covenants with him each week, as he has had a bit of trouble with understanding it, and so this last week we started that by just reading the introduction pages of D&C. It was awesome to read them, especially because I actually don't think I had ever read them before, so it was a new learning experience for me as well!

One other exciting thing that, though it didn't happen this last week, is going to happen this next weekend is that Elder Ballard is coming to Temecula! The stake here is holding a special stake conference so that we can hear what Elder Ballard has to say! On Easter Sunday! It is going to be awesome! And one of other really cool things that is happening is that the mission is going to have a special conference of it's own so that we will get to hear his counsel for us as well! I'm excited!!! I'll tell more about how that went last week.

Now, the reason for the title: This week the Church has published a video on for the Easter season. It is called "Because of Him" and is a short 2 1/2 minute video that just talks a little bit about what we in the world are able to do "because of him" meaning Jesus Christ. It is such a powerful message, and the Church wants as many people to see it as possible. What they are encouraging is that members go to, watch the video, and then share it to FaceBook, Twitter, etc. with the caption of #BecauseofHim, and also share what we can do because of Christ. It is a great way to commemorate the Easter season and share what we can do "Because of Him."

That's all I have for this week. I hope everyone enjoys Easter and remembers what the reason behind this season is.


Elder Wixom

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