Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Week Has Come and Gone

Well, this week had some really exciting moments, and some less exciting ones. So here we go:

First, the less exciting news, just to get it out of the way.
We didn't have a whole lot of lessons this week, because a lot of our scheduled appointments had to cancel for one reason or another. But we are really hoping that over this next week we can meet with all these people again and help the investigators we have progress towards baptism, and the less active members we are teaching return to church.
The other less exciting news is that one of our investigators who had been really progressing moved. It was the lady that a couple weeks ago I said had been able to come to church, even though when Elder Solomon started teaching her said she was never going to be able to go to church. She moved back to Oregon where she was originally from, but she told us that she wants the missionaries up there to come and keep teaching her! So that is one bright part of this.

Dream Catcher Elder Wixom made.
He was taught by a member.

Now for the excting stuff! Yay!
Elder Solomon and I had a really busy first couple of days this week. And over the course of the couple days we were able to pick up some new investigators! One is a teenage boy that some other missionaries referred to us, and the other was a former investigator of the area. How we picked her up as an investigator is a cool story! We have been teaching a lady who is less active, but really wants to come to church, and the only reason why she isn't is she runs a senior-care-home and so has to work on Sundays. But this week when we visited her she told us she had invited her neighbor to attend, who we knew was this former investigator. She goes over and knocks on her neighbors door, and brings her neighbor over! And then we started teaching her as well!

Also fun this week was we got to go to another baptism! Third week in a row! This time it was one of Elder Solomon's former investigators, and it was a really good service. Lots of family and friends there to support this person in her decision to get baptized. It was awesome!

Well, I actually can't think of a scripture to share this time. But a really cool video on is a video called "True Christianity" and I would suggest watching it!

Thats all for this week!


Elder Wixom

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