Monday, June 9, 2014

Down In San Marcos!

So, as my title says, I am now down serving in San Marcos! Specifically the Santa Fe Hills ward. I am with Elder Solomon, who I knew of but had never met before this, but he is really cool! He is from Tennessee, so now I've had companions from pretty much every region of the U.S.!

The biggest news of this week is Cheryl got baptized! My investigator that Elder Mickelsen and I had been teaching that we had on date for the 7th, it happened! The best part is that even though I had gotten transferred I was able to go up and see her get baptized. It was really awesome! I was so happy to see her finally make this covenant with our Heavenly Father, and I'm going to guess that she will never forget her experience.

So, as with all missionaries that get put in a new area, I'm trying to quickly learn about all the people here, and it is always as crazy as usual. But so far I have met a lot of really cool members and nonmembers here in San Marcos.

I actually got to see where some of the damage from the fire was, as some of the damage is in my area now, and it was really sad to see all the destruction that happened here. And this makes me so glad that I know that even though we may go through trials in this life, and even some trials that are incredibly huge, in the end we will be blessed beyond our wildest dreams if we follow the commandments of our Heavenly Father. And I'm also glad to know that He loves all of us, and will do all He can to bless us in our times of need. A verse from "How Firm a Foundation" really comes to mind when I think about this event, "When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie, My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply. The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine." (verse 5) and even though I know it isn't a perfect description, because there was hurt and heartache that came from this, I know that God's grace is all sufficient to help us overcome whatever trials we face.

One other cool thing that happened this week is Elder Solomon and I took one of our investigators on a church tour this week! And then she came to church last Sunday (which, by the way, the programs for the ward here are some of the coolest ever, and the member that makes them sent one of this last week to you [as there is a bit about an Elder you might know on it] so you should be getting that soon). And the reason why this is cool is when Elder Solomon and his last companion started teaching her she said that there would be no way she would ever be able to come to church, and then this last week she came! So it was a real testimony builder about how the Spirit is able to work in people!

So, yeah, that really is all I have to talk about this week. I'll tell you more in the future!


Elder Wixom

A last photo with Elder Mickelson

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