Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Transfer Calls And Service!

This was a very exciting week! But first and foremost, the thing you've all been wondering. If I'm getting transferred. Well...yes, yes I am. Which I'm pretty sad about. I'm really going to miss the Pauba ward. But I know that this is what the Lord wants from me so I'm excited to see where my adventure leads next!

Anyways, a lot of the rest of this week was doing service for people. So here is all the service we did:

On Tuesday we went back to the Tree Plantation and helped out Bro. S again for a bit and that was a lot of fun and you would be surprised (well, probably not because of all the analogies in the scriptures and stories from modern General Authorities) at how many gospel centered lessons you can have while working on a garden, or tree farm, or really anything where you help things grow.

Speaking of gardens! On Wednesday and Friday we went over to a less active member named Sis. H and helped her start a garden! She is less active due to medical reasons, not because of any sort of testimony or doctrinal problem, and she is starting a garden in her neighbors yard (because I guess he isn't using a part of it). So on Wednesday we got to go and tear up a lot of grass and get really really dirty. It was fun. And then on Friday we went over and finished up tearing out the grass and helped plant the garden and make a less than stellar looking fence that will do it's job of letting beans grow up it.

And then on Saturday we were outside contacting people when a family named the W pulled up and asked us if we wanted to go help someone move in. And we did. So we got driven over to where a new family was moving into the ward and helped unload their truck and move furniture inside. That was also a lot of fun! I love doing service!

And the other fun stuff that happened this week:

We had a couple lessons with a very friendly less active couple named the C, who said they don't come to church sometimes just because they don't feel like it. But Bro. C has come to church the last two weeks since we called and set up our first appointment, so that has been pretty cool! And we had a good lesson about being obedient to the commandments last Wednesday, and then yesterday had a good lesson about the Spirit, how it changes us, and how we need to follow spiritual promptings.

And then the other really fun thing that happened this week was we got to teach a super solid potential investigator named C! During church! She came to church and has a young son, so while he was in primary we skipped out on Gospel Principles with Bro. A our ward mission leader and taught her the Restoration. It went really good! The reason why she is interested is her two older kids actually are both members and are on missions! So they have all been talking about how important the Gospel is in their lives. And also C has had some really good friends her whole life who are LDS, and that has been a big impact on her life. So it is pretty awesome!

That's about all that happened this week. For my spiritual thought I would like to share a thought from King Benjamin, "For behold, are we not all beggars? Do we not all depend upon the same Being, even God, for all the substance which we have, for both food and raiment, and for gold, and for silver, and for all the riches which we have of every kind?" (Mosiah 4:19) I was studying this this last week and with the fact that this week has been full of service it really fits. Because of all we have been blessed with from God, we would be really kind of ungrateful if we didn't turn and help those who are less fortunate to the best of our ability. Our best differs from person to person depending on our circumstance, but in the end we should all try to reach out to others because of how much God reaches out to us.

Well, see you next week from somewhere new!


Elder Wixom

PS Here is a pamphlet on bike safety that President Kendrick sent out to the missionaries this week.  I have to say that this is not my favorite pic from Jon's mission.

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