Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Two Years Later

Well, here I am, two years after I left for my mission and 19 1/2 months out. It's a pretty bizarre feeling I'll be honest. Elder Whipple was probably getting sick of me saying stuff like, "Two years ago today I get set apart." And, "Two years ago today I was in the MTC." It is a very strange feeling. Thankfully I know that the Lord must have some reason for me to still be out ! So I best be paying close attention to what is going on around me!

So this week was pretty quiet actually, but there were a couple fun things to talk about. So here we go!

Last Tuesday was really fun! We had the chance to go down to the San Diego Temple and do some temple work. And that was really good. I love having the chance and opportunity to go the temple, knowing that what I'm doing will help families and people be together forever with our Heavenly Father. One fun thing from this time is the person I was doing proxy work for, his last name was Mission, which I only found entertaining because I am a missionary! But it was still really good.

On Wednesday we tried to stop by C for a lesson we had set up with him, but as we got there he was just leaving to go to the hospital to try to get the health issues he is going through right now sorted out. Hopefully everything went good for him! And hopefully we'll be able to meet up with him again soon and help him as he works to learn more about the Gospel.

Friday we were able to stop by a less active member named Sis. H, and the only reason why she is less active because she has some back issues that makes it really hard for her to be up for long periods of time, but we had a really good visit with her and this next week we're going to go over and help her out with some service, and that should be really fun.

This week we also spent quite a bit of time trying to call a bunch of people that live in the far reaches of our area to try to set up times to go visit them. This was rewarded with mixed results, quite a few were no answers or wrong numbers, but we did get a hold of a fax machine at one point we think. And we did get some return appointments actually which was really good! One fun story from it was one of the people we called on Saturday, and set up an appointment for the following Wednesday, actually came to Church the next day! He said everyone kept asking where he was visiting from and he had to keep saying, "No, this is my ward, I'm just not super active." But I was still really surprised when he came up and introduced himself to us asking if we were still good for Wednesday! And at the same time I was really excited that he came!

That's pretty much all the fun stuff that happened from this last week. But this next week promises to be fun! At the very least we have the suspense of transfer calls next Saturday!

For my spiritual thought I want to go back to the fact that I have been out for 19ish months after two years. Isaiah 55:8-9 says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." I don't know why I didn't fulfill my mission during the time frame I originally thought, but that's ok with me. Because I know that the Lord has a higher purpose in mind for me that I had originally anticipated. And I am here to serve my Heavenly Father and my Savior in any way that they want me to.


Elder Wixom

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