Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cars and Ties, Calls and Pies

Well, it has been an exciting week. I'll start off with the things from the title and then move on from there.

Ties and Pies: So this last Monday we had our zone activity, and one part of that activity included pushing shaving cream pies in people's faces to celebrate the end of a competition this transfer called, "Fellowship of the Zone" (yes, it is a reference to Lord of the Rings). It was really fun, and for me it started off walking dramatically up to the group, and Elder Mardesich walking up to me with a pie that I though he was going to give me...and he did...he just gave it to my face. Thankfully he had someone record it and it was great.

Also that day, after the activity, Elder Groesbeck and I bought tie bags from a thrift store called "Valley Thrift" and it was just like Christmas. In each bag is about 60ish ties (each tie came out for me to be about 14 cents), and there are a lot of different kinds of ties in bags. For example, my favorite tie I got has Snoopy the dog playing the saxophone on the tie (and it was great because I love both Snoopy and saxophones). So it was really exciting.

Calls: Transfer calls! We're both

Cars: Last Friday we were starting to go across an intersection, when a person changed lanes mid-intersection and braked! Thankfully our brakes worked great and we stopped before we hit them! Not as thankfully, the person behind us's brakes did not work as good, so they hit us, though not very fast thankfully. So no one got injured, and it just made for an exciting story for the day. The funny part, apparently he had gone to our church a few times when he was younger. So we got his information and passed him off to some other missionaries.

On to the rest of the week!

Tuesday was insane. We were supposed to go help our investigator M move stuff out of her apartment that she was leaving to a storage unit in the morning, but it got pushed back a bit. So we went and did service for another person who had asked us to. Then (after getting pushed back again) we eventually did go over and help out M, and it was crazy. We didn't know what to do half the time! But everything worked out ok, it was just an exciting move. One of the best parts! At one point someone was moving a box, and the bottom opened up! So we were all surprised for a bit and then helped refill the box. It was great.

Also got to go to a baptism in our ward this last Saturday for an 8 year old (the father asked Elder Groesbeck to give one of the talks). The crazy part, the wife isn't a member! But comes to church every week! She is also active in her church, which is really why she isn't a member of our church, but we are hoping that seeing this baptism (because it was good despite how giggly the girl getting baptized was) will help soften her heart and help her to progress in the gospel.

Well, spiritual thought for this week:

I read the story of Samuel the Lamanite this last week, and one thing stuck out to me that I hadn't noticed before. Verse 10 of Helaman 14, "And now, because I am a Lamanite, and have spoken unto you the words which the Lord hath commanded me, and because it was hard against you, ye are angry with me and do seek to destroy me, and have cast me out from among you." We know that through the majority of the Book of Mormon the Nephites are typically the more righteous (or at least less wicked) people, but at this point it is the Lamanites who are not only more righteous, but are following the Lord in all they do, rather than the very wicked Nephites who have willingly let themselves be led by very wicked men. So now, when a Lamanite comes and preaches to the Nephites, they are so prideful that they still think they are the better nation! And in doing so many ignore Samuel! But that's not the case! God doesn't care about what nation we come from, He cares about if we listen to His work, and He will use and call servants from all nations that will listen to him. Se we need to not judge others or think we are better than them. Because God loves all His children.


Elder Wixom

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