Monday, September 21, 2015

Water Works

So you don't look at the title and imply that I cried or something like that, I'm going to start off with that story.

We stopped by a potential investigator this last week, and we were actually able to catch him at home. Though, when he answered, he told us that we had caught him at a bad time because he was waiting for someone so he could do paperwork, so we set up an appointment for the following Sunday. After setting up the appointment however, he asked us if we needed some water, we said we did (because it was warm and we were biking...and who would say no if a potential investigator offers you water?) and he let us in to give us water! So then for the next ten-fifteen minutes or so as we drank our water and waited for the person he needed to do paperwork with, we talked and testified briefly about the Restoration of the Gospel and about the Book of Mormon with him. It was great. Sadly the lesson on Sunday didn't happen as he said the day ended up not being good for him, but we're going to set up another appointment and it's going to be awesome!

Other than that, something else that was fun this week was we had a district activity on Monday. So, bit of backstory, in Elder Groesbeck and my apartment for some reason we have a big blue yoga ball in the closet. Elder Spencer (who is serving in another ward in Escondido) gave us a call asking if they could borrow it for a district activity they were having, and we said yes, so the Young Single Adult Elders came and got it for their activity. Well, we went to the Borden building for our activity...and they were there! Playing giant four square! (You know, that game you play in Elementary School) And of course, we joined in with them until the rest of the district showed up. It was great. Then for our activity we played volleyball, but because we didn't have an actual volleyball, we played it know it...the giant yoga ball! It was great! Lots of fun.

Went on exchanges with Elder Smith this week, he is our new zone leader, and that was a lot of fun. Met some really awesome people and just overall had a grand old time doing missionary work. The weird thing is that we have a very similar personality, so there was lots of times through the day where it threw me off for a bit. Still great though.

Also had some rain this last week! It was a pretty good storm for Southern California. And we got to enjoy it immensely as we walked around trying to talk to people. And though I had my umbrella, it didn't help much because by the end of the day it was almost just a super thick mist, so the water was hitting us from every single direction! But it was still really great, and the area down here really needs it as we are in a bit of a drought.

Well, that's about all the random fun things I can think of for this week, so now on to a spiritual thought! I read through 4 Nephi this last week, and in verse 17 (it's only one chapter as we know) it says, "There were no robbers, nor murderers, neither were there Lamanites, nor any manner of -ites; but they were in one, the children of Christ, and heirs to the kingdom of God." And that made me think of something that I love about the gospel. That it really doesn't matter who you are, where we came from, or what the circumstances of your life have been, as you embrace the gospel and are around others who love the gospel, we are all equals. We are all brothers and sisters. It is a great thing to know that this is the biggest family on Earth, the family of God, and everyone is included.


Elder Wixom

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